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Refuge of Hope’s Men’s Ministry: An Update – August 2, 2018

Back in Oct of 2017, we implemented the Life Skills and Bible classes to the residents staying at the shelter. Our intentions were to provide a kind of “jump start” by helping them re-enter back into the workforce. Since then, we’ve found that many of the men are really interested in the technology classes (i.e. Computer 101 – 102 and Electronics) along with the “How to Find a Better Job” class.

Beginning on July 3rd, we postponed the classes in order to run a six-week pilot class of 24/7 Dad taught by Shawn Crable. It has been so amazing to see the men interact with Shawn on topics such as the transition from boyhood to manhood and from manhood to fatherhood. Shawn has a dynamic personality and is a retired professional football player that the guys naturally migrate to.

We are pleased to announce that starting on Thursday, Sep 4, 2018, 24/7 Dad will now be a weekly class offered at Refuge of Hope. I believe that this in conjunction with Life Skills and Bible classes will now provide a well-rounded syllabus of classes to help our residents re-enter back into society, repair relationships and draw closer to God.

We are also pleased to announce that as a result in the rise in the US economy (and hopefully our Life Skill classes), fifty percent (50%) of the men who are able to work at the shelter are now employed!!! This is truly an answer to our daily prayers that our residents would find work, to feel worth and begin their path of recovery back into society.

God is so GOOD and it is such a blessing to be part of this ministry.