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Men with a Purpose – October 1, 2019

By Jo Ann Carpenter


I just had to take a moment to share with you about how so many of our residents and former residents give back to us.

Last week I talked about our Refuge of Hope Family.  You see most of the men who come to stay with us at Refuge of Hope no longer have contact with their family.  Some have seriously burned the bridge that there is little chance they will ever be able to mend even one step towards their family.

When we treat our residents with love, compassion, and respect something happens.  They see sincerity and begin to trust again.  This leads to feelings they long forgot and sadly enough some have never experienced.

So, when it is time for a man to move into his new apartment it comes with mixed feelings.  One of excitement because he will no longer be homeless.  But, there is also the feeling of missing the people he now cares about and oddly enough the organization that gave him a second chance.

This is the reason that John still comes to mow our grass each week, Chuck volunteers daily in the kitchen, Dave is volunteering to help clean out the old building, Geoff is coming back to help with clothing distribution each week.

How encouraging is it for these and many other men to give back with their time?  How cool is it we still have the opportunity to minister to them and continue to be their family?

I can only think that God is using us in some very special ways to reach and connect with people and I am so very glad to be a part of this ministry and family!