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Lake Erie Glassing vs. Sanibel Shelling – October 8, 2019

By Jo Ann Carpenter

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So, what is the difference?  Well, shells are God’s creation and I feel so close to Him seeing all He has created in the hundreds of shells I collect.  In the water there is so much life in all the little critters I have found in the shells.   There is something special for me just from walking along the beach, seeing the waves and knowing there is so much more to God that I don’t understand.  Now, the sea glass is from mostly beer and wine bottles that people have just thrown into the lake like trash.  But God created the sand that smooths them out into beautiful pieces of colorful glass that washes up on the beach.  And He has sent it through the five great lakes and Canada to a little beach in Madison, Ohio.


Think about this for a moment:  How often have I trashed one of God’s plans for my life and He provides a way to turn it into something beautiful for me?  Or He brings someone into my life just when I need them the most, or maybe they needed me.


How often has God allowed us to be a part of His perfect plan despite all our efforts to do it our way?  For me, I am so grateful for my shells and sea glass as a reminder how much I am loved by God!

What is your reminder of how much you are loved by God?  If you want to share it with me please do so at  I would love to hear your story!