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It’s summer at the Mission, and we need your help! – June 7, 2018

Summer is here, and the heat is on for the hurting in Stark County. High temperatures bring dangerous challenges for those without adequate shelter and the hurting in our community are forced to hunt for a place to cool off…a cold drink of water…a meal to get them through the day.

Refuge of Hope has cared for men, women, and children in Stark County for more than 17 years, and the need is not going away. In fact, every day, more than 250 people turn to us for meals, and an average of 46 men receive showers, clothing, counseling and more in our safe, dorm-style shelter.

When summer arrives, donations tend to drop, but unfortunately, our cost to operate does not change. We need your generous support so we can continue to care for those in need.

Will you help us beat the summer slump?

 Your gifts will help us care for families like Anthony’s. Anthony stayed in our shelter not long ago while his wife, Joy, and son were in a local women’s shelter. Once their second son was born, they found an apartment, but they continued to struggle to pay bills, and often found themselves without the means to buy food.

Today, they frequently come to the Refuge of Hope for meals, which allows them to use their precious resources to pay rent and care for their sons.

“Its so comforting to know we can come tot he Mission for meals,” Joy shares. “They make us feel like a part of a really big family.”

“The extra food on the give-a-way shelf helps us a lot,” Anthony agrees. “The staff is awesome, so I’m glad I stay in touch by coming to the meals.”

We are happy for Anthony and Joy, and we’re grateful for ministry partners like you who continue to care for this family as well as our other guests.

Will you send a generous gift to Refuge of Hope today?

We rely on the support of the body of Christ to help those in need in Stark County. Your gifts bring relief, kindness, and hope to those in the midst of desperate circumstances.

Thank you for your compassion this summer! We’re grateful for your partnership, and we thank you for offering our guests a brighter future and a safe place to beat the heat.