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I thank the Lord he led me here. – July 31, 2018

When Tim first came to Refuge of Hope, he was homeless, hungry, and depressed. He was struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and looking for someone to blame for his problems.

“I was just in my own world,” he shares. “I didn’t care about my family or my business deals or my kids. I needed to take care of some issues within myself.”

A family member encouraged Tim to come to Refuge of Hope, and though he was familiar with it, he had no idea what the Mission could offer.

“I thought it was just going to be a bunch of drunks,” he smiles. “I didn’t want to be in that situation, but that was far from the truth!” While Tim was here, he committed his life to Christ and volunteered as a Resident Assistant in our men’s shelter. He got his life back on track, and the training and preparation he received helped prepare him for the future.

Will you help more of our guests get their lives back on track this month?

When men like Tim stay with us, we help them build a foundation for a secure future. They learn how to manage their finances, care for a
home, and rely on Jesus as they move from homelessness to independence.

And as more and more people turn to us for help. I’m reaching out to you with a challenge. This spring, a group of faithful ministry partners offered a $36,450 Leadership Challenge Gift to Refuge of Hope! Their goal was to challenge the rest of our partners –- including you! -– to meet or exceed their $36,450 gift. This gift will be used to provide meals, offer shelter, and give hurting people in Stark County the care they need to find strength, hope, and healing.

Today, Tim is doing well. He used his experience as a Resident Assistant to land a position at a half-way house in the area, and he sent many of his clients to Refuge of Hope to volunteer during the day.

“[These men] can be part of the ministry that showed me how to change my life,” Tim smiles. “They hear the gospel and are treated with love and respect.

“As a former resident, I want everyone to know how much the donors did to provide for me at a time when I felt hopeless and forgotten.

“I thank the Lord that He led me to this place because today, I’m a changed man!”

Tim is indeed a changed man. In fact, he recently joined our staff, and now he’s helping men transform their lives just like he did.