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Can it Really Be? – September 30, 2019

by Jo Ann Carpenter


Can it really be that I have not blogged for months now?  We have been so incredibly busy I wanted to take a moment to catch you up with everything.  Watch for our blogs weekly again.

Can it really be that in 2017 we began a Capital Campaign and broke ground moved into a newly constructed building?  I am amazed at how God orchestrated such a timeline and was a year ahead of our schedule.

Can it really be that our grand opening was attended by over 300 guests?  That 7-year old Kyng cut the ribbon to kick off the celebration?  Kyng was a few days old the first time his grandparents brought him to the Meal Ministry three buildings ago!  I still remember that day–he was so tiny and we have watched him grow physically and spiritually over the years.

Can it really be that a dental chair and medical exam table are now in use in our medical exam room? That our residents are receiving dental care and the community is welcome to make appointments for our medical kiosk or with a nurse practitioner?  That is so convenient and our new residents receive a wellness check when coming into the shelter.

Can it really be…that we are planning our first fall open house preparing for the upcoming holiday season?  Please mark October 13 on your calendar now!  Come after church from 10:30 – 2:00 to tour our new building and see what other new and exciting services we are providing with our new space.  We are providing progressive tours and lunch for you!

God has blessed us and continues to do so.