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Bucket List – October 19, 2019

By Jo Ann Carpenter

So, my friends, what is on your bucket list?  In the movie appropriately titled “The Bucket List” two men diagnosed with terminal cancer create a list of things they want to do before they die.  Of course, there were many items on their list that were extreme and maybe you have a desire to try, but as for me I have my own list which is a little more conservative.

However, a few of their items do strike a chord with me.  #1 was to witness something truly majestic, #2 help a complete stranger for a common good, and #3 laugh till I cry. These are things I can wrap my head around and feel I have crossed off my list.

#1 –Witness something truly majestic. I have experienced many sunrises and sunsets, swam in oceans and lakes, flew into the Grand Canyon in a helicopter, and visited Niagara Falls, which were amazing and wondrous.  But for me, the truly majestic thing to witness was not a thing, but rather an experience.  It was the birth of my two daughters and three grandchildren!  The gift of life is truly majestic!

#2 – Helping strangers for a common good is what we do at Refuge of Hope daily!  There is an unexplained joy in this!  I believe it is because God calls us to love Him and one another!  When we are the hands and feet of Jesus helping those in need the common good becomes our commitment to God.

#3 – Laugh till I cry. With my family I have laughed many times till we were all in tears, and they would tell you I laugh and snort at the same time.  Real laughs and real tears about something so silly that we shared together. Those are cherished memories I will always keep in my heart.

So do I have more on my personal bucket list?  I am not sure I have a list of items to cross off a piece of paper.  I have been blessed to experience many things in my life and visited much of our great country, Canada, France, and Dubai.  Those places were great to see, however, it is the experience with those I shared it with that made the event a memory in my heart.

This is what I have learned about my bucket list.  It is not what you do and experience, it is WHO you share it with! It is also not something to do at the end of your life but to live life to the fullest with those you love right now.

I guess my final answer would be that my bucket list is my family and the time we share no matter what we are doing as long as we are sharing the experiences together.  How could I ask for more?