Business & Church Partners

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

Refuge of Hope actively seeks business and corporate partnerships for funding, events sponsorships and group volunteer projects. If you would be interested in hosting a fundraiser to benefit Refuge of Hope, schedule a tour of our facility or have a speaker visit your business please contact Jo Ann Carpenter at 330-280-2153 or by email at

Matching Your Employees’ Contributions

The need remains to raise financial funds for our operating budget. A number of local and national companies will match the contributions of their employees to charities. If you would like information to add Refuge of Hope to your current Match Program or to start a Match Program through your organization, please contact Julie Moldvay at

Church Partnership Opportunities

Many churches sponsor Refuge of Hope through their missions giving at church. This is a blessing to families who need hot meals, but also a way to share the message of Christ’s love for them.

Local churches have sent transportation for the men residing in our shelter to attend their church on Sunday. Some men’s groups have held mentoring nights for the men and include a Bible Study.

If you are interested in becoming a Liaison between Refuge of Hope and your church, keep informed about our current events and help us through email updates and other communication please contact Jo Ann Carpenter at 330-280-2153 or