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A tribute to Walt Ackerman, Jr – March 7, 2018

By Jo Ann Carpenter


Last week our dear friend and staff member Walt suddenly passed away!  On Sunday, we held a special celebration of life ceremony at Refuge of Hope.  Over 130 people attended paying their respects to the family and celebrated Walt’s life.

Walt’s story is one of being dead in his cocaine addiction and losing everything, but coming alive when he gave his life to Christ!  He beat the addiction monster and rebuilt his life.

He proclaimed the gospel and gave the glory to Jesus for working in his life.  Walt counseled the men staying in our shelter as only he could.  You see, he understood how addiction can destroy your life, but he also knew how the Lord can help you live again!  He was proof of that.

His journey was not easy, yet, worth every challenging step.  With his family, all back together, his life right with Christ, Walt is now right where he was always meant to be.  He is with God!

It was my privilege and honor to know this man, Walt Ackerman, as my friend and like so many others will miss his ornery nature and infectious laugh.  Love you, my friend.